Our fleet trucks are all equipped with E-Log systems by PeopleNet. These systems are capable of tracking a variety of means:

  • Speed
  • Fuel consumption
  • Location
  • Maintenance
  • Communications
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Onboard Event Recording (OER) for accident reconstruction




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PeopleNet is a program that allows up to keep in contact with our trucks through a GPS system. We are able to communicate to the drivers through E-Log systems installed in their trucks.

PeopleNet allows us to locate our trucks at any time. This map also shows the customers that we pick up from, so in case any driver gets lost or needs to know information, we would be able to locate exactly where they are to help them complete their task.


Implemented AXON software that allows our dispatchers to preform “Real-Time” transactions. Anytime a new entry is made; all of the records are updated immediately to show:

  • Pick up & delivery details
  • Specifications for material
  • Assigned equipment & Drivers
  • BOL, Quotes, POD
  • Invoices and emails from communications

Track and Trace (Coming Soon)

Logistics Track and Trace is a customized software that creates a medium for all clients to view real-time data related to their shipments and products, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients will have Real-time visibility into all touchpoints, via scans and confirmations, from pickup to delivery throughout the Fort McKay Logistics distribution channels.

Track and Trace is a web-based data warehouse, reporting, and analytics platform catered to Fort McKay Logistics supply chain services. This software integrates with any supply chain system that our clients may own, to store and normalize data so that it can be accessed by Fort McKay Logistics and our clients in real time data.

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