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Sami Saad: Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sami Saad, a father of three children, resides in Edmonton and has spent many years working in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. Mr. Saad holds an Associate Degree from TSTC and has worked in the Oil and Gas industry for over 28 years.

 Mr. Saad brings operational experience from the Project Management, Construction and the Earthwork Industries spanning the last 18 years. Most recently, Mr. Saad was the COO and President of Petrowest Corporation during its restructuring phase. Previous to that Mr. Saad was the Vice President of Construction and Project Management North America, at Civeo (formerly PTI Group) as well as the Vice President of Construction, at North American Construction Group. Mr. Saad brings with him experience within private and public companies with portfolios exceeding 500 million in value and leverages that management experience on value focused activities driving shareholder confidence, employee engagement and team building.

 Additionally, Mr. Saad brings executive skills gathered through a combination of formal training, education and on hands experience. Having worked in the trades ranging from positions on drilling rigs, Structural Iron Worker, Project Manager, Director and Vice President of multi million-dollar projects Mr. Saad has the unique ability to engage people on many different levels. Whether managing community expectations or engaging local communities Mr. Saad has the capabilities to develop and foster an environment of fair, inclusive and performance driving culture.


Marguerite MacDonald: Chief Financial Officer

Marguerite MacDonald joined Fort McKay Group of Companies LP in 2010 as Accounting Manager. Marguerite has over 26 years’ experience in finance and construction industries; 15 years in civil construction prior to arriving in Fort McMurray and 10 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas sector.

Marguerite’s persistence and dedication to the finance department resulted in progressive internal promotions, culminating in her current position of Chief Financial Officer. Marguerite received her Bachelor of Marketing and Management from St. Mary’s University in Nova Scotia and is a member of the Alberta Certified General Accountant Association.

Marguerite is a great leader and believes in building today for a better tomorrow.


Robert Cochrane: Operations Manager

Robert, originally from St John’s, Newfoundland started his career with Fort McKay Group of Companies LP in 2007 and in 2008 he received the Employee of the Year Award for Logistics.

During his time with the organization, Robert has worked in several areas of the company including; trucking, warehousing and project management; learning as much as he could each step along the way. This supported his successful completion of the National Construction Safety Officer, NCSO certificate at the Alberta Construction Safety Association, ACSA in 2009. Furthering his career path in Safety, he became a Supervisor on the Syncrude site under the Logistics division. Since that time he’s also completed his Certificate in Union Contract Negotiations and is working on finishing his designation to be a Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP).

In 2014 Robert accepted the position of Operations Manager for Logistics, encompassing overseeing all client contracts, new work opportunities, and commercial needs while managing 400 employees, account managers, and terminal manager under his responsibilities. Robert applies a strong expertise in data-driven, long-term strategic planning with the leadership and general management of the company.

Robert promotes working hard and doing the right thing. He values the advice his Father gave him at 18 years old, “Change is constant. Always be prepared for that. Embrace it and it will carry you into great success."


Kristen Kane: Account Manager

Kristen joined Fort McKay Logistic LP in 2005 in the role of a dispatcher. She quickly worked her way up in the organization in the areas of transportation and warehousing services. In 2008 she was promoted to Team Lead for the warehouse division and again in 2011 as the Team Lead for transportation. In 2013, her career was advanced again to Supervisor for a supply chain contract and as of 2014, she began acting in the role of an Account Manager.

Her varied background in material handling, safety, trucking, and supervision, provided the perfect foundation for her current role of Account Manager for Logistics. She has developed a strong and constant foundation for logistics that allowed us to grow our client relations. She is responsible for the overall resource management, supply chain operations and identifying opportunities for logistics operation improvements.

Since then she has received training in Leadership for Safety Excellence, Basic Instruction Techniques, Principles of Health & Safety and Operational Health & Safety Legislation Awareness.

Outside of work, Kristen enjoys spending time camping - relaxing with friends and family around a campfire.


Mathieu Leger, General Manager

With over 21 years of industry experience, Mathieu Leger began his career 16 years ago with Fort McKay Group of Companies LP (FMGOC) and is an avid supporter of the Fort McKay First Nation community.

Mathieu started at FMGOC in 2001 as a truck driver and quickly advanced to Operations Manager of Logistics where he managed the Logistics, Environment, Warehouse, Mailroom, Fuel Hauling, and Transportation departments. Mathieu is a strong addition to the Logistics division as the General Manager, overseeing the growth of the business and securing long term contracts.

As part of his role, Mathieu develops strategies to lead the Logistics business by understanding, defining, developing & implementing processes. He also ensures the effective management of inventory and assets in relation to business profitability and the management of contracts for quality delivery performance, while overseeing costs and budgets and implementing solutions that measure performance.

Mathieu’s accomplishments and expertise have assisted to gain new business while creating lasting partnerships with industry leaders. His positive outlook and leadership skills have transferred to all employees from management to front line staff. He has positioned several divisions to be an asset to all companies developing in the Alberta Oil Sands; ensuring success for years to come.


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